The best 10 freelance websites with low competition in 2022 (More clients)

Nowadays, a growing number of people are turning to freelancing. Whether they have a job or are merely students, everyone wants to be a freelancer. Along with this, finding work on freelancing platforms is getting more and more challenging.

You won’t get many projects because of the intense competition. Finding the finest freelance websites for beginners or the best freelancing websites with little competition is necessary for this reason. On essence, these are websites that are either recent or specialize in a small number of topics. In this way, every freelancer, regardless of experience level, can find work.

We have gathered the best freelance websites with low competition for you, so you can get started on your journey as a beginner in freelance or gain more clients as an experienced freelancer.

Here are the best 10 freelance websites with low competition in 2022:


A brand-new jobs platform specifically for independent contractors in the tech sector is called Remote Tech Jobs. It compiles the best positions from well-known job boards so you may quickly find the position that best suits your qualifications.

Programmers, web developers, and app developers are the target audience for this website. And both job searching and application are free.



Because the popularity of the website is increasing swiftly, Speedlancer deserves to be included.

Speedlancer takes pride in being one of the fastest freelance platforms available online, as the name suggests. It appears that this site’s key selling feature is its ability to complete jobs in less than 4 hours.

Even if they place a strong emphasis on completing work quickly, this does not imply that the job’s quality will suffer.

Additionally, this website emphasizes solely showcasing premium or high-quality freelancers. There are a lot of seasoned independent contractors there.



This job platform called DailyRemote handpicks freelancers’ work-from-home opportunities. You can apply for free to a variety of remote positions posted on the website, which is updated frequently.

Finding employment in software development, design, virtual help, data entry, content writing, and marketing is easiest with DailyRemote.



Unlike the previous websites, Revelo is a relatively new freelance agency-like website that allows their clients to hire selected developers from the website.

Revelo currently only works with experienced developers who are profecient in certain popular languages. You can join Revelo’s team as a freelancer and they will help you find work from big and top clients.


1840 & Company

A brand-new market called 1840 & Company debuted in June 2021. It’s one of the few distinctive, low-competition freelancing sites on the list. You must present your talents when you sign up for this marketplace because it extensively screens its freelancers. But once they’re hired, their managed approach will make the hiring process simple.

The website excels in helping job seekers locate positions in a big range of specialities, including web development, digital marketing, sales, accounting/finance, and back-office roles.

1840 & Company is a special website that uses artificial intelligence technology to match freelancers with the right jobs and clients. It is a well-established website with currently more than 2 million users. It is also a free to join platform.


This one is a bit challenging to join for various reasons. But you should deffinitely give it a try if you have a strong portfolio showcasing what you can do.
FreeeUp, is a new website that only accepts freelancers after thoroughly screening and testing them. This makes sure that there aren’t any cheap and inexperienced freelancers on the platform. As a result, you won’t need to engage in price wars to land tasks on this website. As a substitute, you will be compensated for your knowledge and experience.



Just like FreeeUp, ServiceScape is only recommended if you are an experienced freelance writer or graphic designer. At the moment, it has more than 80K registered users, including respected businesses.

Despite of the drawback of only being to withdraw your earnings through PayPal and checks, this platform can be really useful for aspiring talents in freelance.

It should be noted that this website has a lengthy signup form.



One of the newest venues for freelancing that slowly and steadily rising to popularity is goLance. It is one of the most flexible online marketplace with some of the lowest services fees and the fastest payment options for freelancers.

Make sure to give it a try if you’re looking for jobs in marketing, programming, or web development.



Hired are a bit more picky when it comes to choosing their users, if you have enough skills and experience, it should be a great place for you to find work. It is no place for starters and fresh college graduates, this platform prides itself on hiring the best of the best.

It should be noted that it is used by the likes of AlJazeera, and Forbes, that should give you a clear idea of how the website works.



It is now harder than ever to build a successfull freelance business from scratch. The competition is only growing bigger and more fierce.

As a result, it’s critical to start off small and subsequently move your way up as you gather expertise.

We hope the websites we’ve provided can help you get started on your freelance path and hopefully make it profitable.

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