7 important steps to get clients fast as a barber in 2022

If you have a sound business strategy and strive to forge close bonds with your customers, it’s not difficult to gain a clientele as a barber. We’ll go through some tactics with you so you can draw in new customers and keep them coming back.

Follow these 7 tips to build a strong and loyal clientele to support your career as a barber.

There are several methods to do this if you’re just starting out in the barbershop industry or just want to attract more current or future customers. Everyone’s definition of marketing, networking, and general growth is a little bit different, whether you’re concentrating on choosing the ideal location, creating the ideal business card, or using our tips.

However, it’s crucial to carry out some audience research before moving forward. You must be aware of your potential customers’ demographics and the services they require from a barbershop.

This will support your marketing plan and is essential for developing connections with potential customers. After all, getting customers through the door is one thing. It’s another story to get them to make a second session and bring a buddy.

You’ll require an audience engagement strategy that takes into account the location of your store, your current clientele, and any unique services or methods you provide. Let’s begin with finding the right niche for you…

7 tips to build a strong and loyal clientele to support your career as a barber.
7 tips to build a strong and loyal clientele to support your career as a barber.

Find Your Niche:

Do you provide any services, products, or treatments that the majority of barbers in your area don’t? If not then what are you waiting for!

Try offering clients something other than the typical barbershop services if you want to draw new clients to your establishment. These could be neck services like hot lather shaving, massages, or facials.

Here, keep in mind the demographics of your clients. Consider providing services like hairpiece fits if your target market is elderly gents. We’ll dive deeper into the demographics in the next step so don’t worry.

Whatever you decide, promote it to draw clients rather than merely relying on word-of-mouth advertising. Additionally, be sure to conduct some Google searches to discover what your rivals have to offer. Avoid being overly similar.

Establish Your Client base:

What you want to find is clients who don’t visit just once or twice, but clients who constantly come back for your services. Loyal clients who like to spend a budget that you’re comfortable with.

You’ll need to conduct market research on your target market to find customers like these, including information on their demographics, places of residence and employment, and any requirements or services they might be interested in. Understanding your competition is also beneficial.

Find out via market research what this kind of clients or customers want from a salon. You’ll get better ideas from this about the kinds of therapies or products they want to buy.

For instance, the menu for a salon that specializes in hairstyling should list all the popular and contemporary services. On the other side, classic hairstyles would be more popular if the market aimed to attract clientele who were more mature.

Traditional haircut styles are typically available at standard barbershops. Others have improved their companies by offering neck and facial procedures. On the other hand, more modern barbershops provide other services including facials and fittings for hairpieces.

Build Reliable Schedules and Income by Understanding Your Clients :

I hope you interact with your clientele and you do not behave creepy. Where do they work? The number of children they have Do they frequently travel, work outside of town, or lead a nomadic lifestyle? Are there any unique occasions, such as weddings? A wedding may be a ten-haircut session, therefore it’s a win! Learn more about them so you can satisfy their grooming needs, advise to them when to plan their next appointment (pre-booking), or set them up with a standing appointment so you can predict when and who will be paying the bills on time.

Invest in your shop’s interior:

Since the type of client trip you provide is determined by barbershop interior design, you need all the assistance you can obtain. This doesn’t mean you should get a complete overhaul (We know how expensive that is). On the other hand, keeping your shop clean and fresh looking could only mean more satisfied clients and even new ones.

Invest in a fresh coat of paint if the walls are scratched or fading. Replace outdated equipment on a regular basis and fix any furniture damage. Finally, teach your barbers and helpers to keep their work areas tidy at all times. All of these things will be seen by visitors, so you want to create a positive first impression.

Also if you could afford it, get yourself a defining feature to set you apart from your competitors. Understanding your target customer and arranging your area to satisfy their visual and functional needs are the keys to success in this situation. Visually, you want to create an inviting space that people will remember and want to visit again. Here are a few examples:

  • The color palette.
  • A unique furniture item.
  • Uniforms for the workers.
7 important steps to get clients fast as a barber in 2022
7 important steps to get clients fast as a barber in 2022

Use Social Media:

Start by choosing the right social media platform for you, usually for barbers “Facebook, Instagram and YouTube” bring in the best results. Then engage with your clients by posting frequently and using the right hashtags to reach more potential clients. Maybe even spend a few dollars on ads if that’s a possibility for you.

One of the simplest methods to promote and generate passion for your services, products, and seasonal promotions is to use a social media platform (or several). So use that to your own benefit.

Ask for Referrals:

Some people might first feel awkward asking for a referral, but if you want to ensure and increase your revenue as a new barber, there is no other way around it. Your client now appears incredibly crispy after you have finished your wonderful job. DEMAND REFERRALS. Please hear me out: ASK FOR REFERRALS. They are pleased they visited us. Not being dentists, we. People genuinely want to visit us. Of course they’ll want the same experience for all of their people. ASK FOR REFERRALS YET AGAIN.

Set Up a Website:

One of the key strategies for growing a barber customer is to have a website for your business, which makes it lot simpler to be found online. A website is the ideal platform for announcing new services and deals. Just be sure to send the URL to your clients!

You may set up your website so that it connects directly with your salon software and enables customers to make appointments online. You can also add a staff profile page to highlight their background and abilities.

Pro tip: To make it simple for people to access (and share) your information, link your website to your store’s social media profiles, especially Facebook and Instagram.


If you’re unsure of how to run a successful barber shop, the best place to start is by clearly identifying your objectives. To do this, get to know your customers and their requirements. Of course, having a fantastic workforce and interacting with them frequently also helps.

You’ll need to evaluate everything from what to sell in a barbershop to which services are most required in your area if you want to grow your clientele as a barber. Then, you can concentrate your efforts on a number of crucial success methods.

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